Italy or Germany: Who makes the best sport sedan? Find out here at Alfa Romeo of Central Florida

It's an age-old question amongst lovers of luxury, "Should I choose a Italian car or a German car?" There's no denying that there's a compelling argument to be made for both side, but while we may seem a bit biased as one of the Orlando area's premier Alfa Romeo dealers, we'd have to say that the Italian luxury sport sedans are the surefire winner. But we wouldn't make such a bold claim without plenty of evidence to back it up, which is why we've done our homework with a competitive breakdown of two of the sport sedan segment's fiercest rivals: The Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Audi A4.

Now, even though the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Audi A4 technically both fall into the sport sedan category, it'd be hard to find two models more diametrically opposed from an aesthetic perspective. The Audi A4 is all sharp lines and hard-edges, with an oversized grille that emphasizes the width of the vehicle.

On the other hand, the Alfa Romeo Giulia ascribes to a much more emotive design language with an aggressive front fascia design and sweeping body lines that accentuate its lithe, aerodynamic silhouette. Plus, with available eye-catching carbon fiber accents on the front grille and side mirrors, the Alfa Romeo Giulia has no trouble turning heads while cruising around Windermere and Winter Park, FL, while the Audi A4 merely blends in with the crowd.

But even if you're not a lover of automotive aesthetics, you can't deny that when you press the accelerator on each of these sport sedans, you can feel the difference between them. With a 0 to 60 mph time of 5.1 seconds, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is much more athletic than the Audi A4, which clocks in a 0 to 60 mph time of 5.6 seconds with its anemic 248 horsepower TFSI engine.

Now, these are just a few points of comparison, so if you'd like to explore the finer elements of fit and finish that help the Alfa Romeo Giulia best models like the Audi A4 year after year, you may just want to take one for a test drive. And whether you're from Lake Mary or Winter Garden, we'd love to have you do so here at Alfa Romeo of Central Florida. Stop by our Orlando, FL Alfa Romeo dealership to take the new Alfa Romeo Giulia out for a spin today!

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