It's Time For Fall Car Care here in Orlando

The Florida summer can be nice if you're the sunbathing type. It may be more likely that when the weather gets hot, though, you're not relaxing poolside, but rather are soaking up the sweet A/C somewhere comfortable and indoors! Meanwhile, your car is probably baking in the summer heat.

Even if you keep it garaged, unless you keep your Alfa Romeo in a climate-controlled environment, chances are the heat is steadily draining your battery, contributing to tire wear, and adversely affecting your vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces. Now that fall is here, temperatures will soon begin to dip down to more manageable levels from Winter Garden to Windermere and beyond, making it a perfect time to give your vehicle the much-needed mechanical or cosmetic care it deserves after a long, hot summer!

How Summer Heat Affects Your Car Mechanically

From your Alfa Romeo's cooling system to your tires, the summer heat near Lake Mary affects many crucial mechanical parts of your vehicle. Excessive summer heat can place a strain on your A/C or HVAC system, lead to lower tire pressure or faster tire wear, excess battery consumption or degradation, and more. Plus, with the rainy season, chances are, your vehicle's brakes have been working harder to help you get to a full-stop.

How Summer Heat Affects Your Car Cosmetically

The UV rays in the hot Orlando summer sun contribute to a slow & steady degradation of your Alfa Romeo's glossy exterior paint finish, not to mention extra wear on its premium leather surfaces and other interior materials. Plus, UV light contributes to chemical breakdown of materials that causes sun fading over time. As such, we encourage you to keep your Alfa Romeo's exterior washed and waxed, and use protective interior dressings that guard your leather and other surfaces from the potentially harmful effects of UV rays. You also may wish to invest in Alfa Romeo accessories, like car care supplies, or even an OEM car cover!

Schedule Service or Order Pars & Accessories Today!

Visit our online vehicle care page to learn more about maintaining your Alfa Romeo now that it's officially autumn. If you're looking for genuine Alfa Romeo parts or accessories around Winter Park, FL, don't hesitate to reach out, either! We look forward to helping you get your vehicle into its best mechanical and cosmetic shape for the start of the fall season!

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